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Litigation: Know Your Options, Devise A Plan With Us, and

Let #AltLawPA Fight Your Battle AND Win

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Many people associate the word “litigation” with long, stressful, drawn-out lawsuits that come with a huge bill for attorney fees. In some instances, they are right. However, if used properly, litigation can be a great weapon, and it does not have to break the bank.

Firstly, if there is any way possible to resolve your dispute without filing a lawsuit, that should always be explored and exhausted before moving on to litigation. No matter how contentious or adversarial your dispute has been between you and the other party, our firm will usually never recommend jumping right into filing a suit. We will always at least attempt to reach out to the other party and/or their counsel to see if it is possible to resolve your dispute without a lawsuit.  You might be surprised at how quickly a well thought out letter, email, or even a courtesy call from our firm to the opposing party can lead to a quick settlement as opposed to litigation.

However, if you are forced to litigate, litigation is most effective when you are informed, educated and have a well-calculated plan, with clear objectives and expectations. When you sit down with #AltLawPA for your initial consultation, you will be advised of all your options, which may or may not include litigating. If it appears litigation is required, we will review your targets for resolving your dispute, what you can realistically expect, and how we will make sure we reach your goals and expectations. With that said, if your goals and expectations are not realistic, we will explain why. For instance, will we need an expert witness? Will your case be heavy on discovery and document production and review? Will mediation be helpful in resolving your dispute? Our firm will provide you with a well-thought-out plan of action and provide an estimate of the costs involved. At #AltLawPA, we always aim to resolve your dispute in the most personalized, prompt, and economical way to ensure the process is smooth and we met your specific goals. Contact us today so we can help you fight your battle AND win. 

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