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Landlords and What They Need to Know About Evictions in Florida from #AltLawPA

#AltLawPA Tip:
Hire an Attorney To Negotiate and
Avoid a Final Judgment of Eviction

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Can I shut off the water if my tenant is not paying the bill or their rent?

Under no circumstances is it ok to remove a tenant without a court order in Broward County, Palm Beach County, Dade County, or in any county in Florida for that matter. Even if you have not been paid rent, and the tenant admittedly has no defenses, you may not do anything that would render the property uninhabitable for the tenant. Even in the event that there are squatters or guests that have overstayed their welcome in your property, calling the police will not work. Only a court order will do the trick.

Did you know that changing the locks without a court ordered eviction is a crime? And, if you take that action, it may end up costing you significantly more money than you are owed by your tenant. Furthermore, you may not cut off ANY utilities, such as gas, water or electricity. All of these actions, if taken by a landlord, amount to a constructive eviction in all Florida counties, and are illegal, until you have a court order allowing the tenant to be removed.

Evictions in Broward County, Palm Beach County and Dade County, or any county in Florida, are a very tedious process, and if not done the proper and legal way, they can become costly, time consuming, and even considered a crime. All notices need to be posted at the right time and contain the correct, statutorily required language and information. Whether you own commercial or residential property and need to evict a tenant for breaching the lease or not paying rent, please let Alterman Law, PA do the work to find out exactly what your rights are and help you remove a tenant properly. Please contact #AltLawPA today at so we can help you in the most time and cost efficient, as well as legal, way possible.









Fact: Bad things happen to good people all the time. There are millions of reasons why a tenant might not be able to make their next rental payment. Sometimes it’s the fault of the tenant, sometimes it’s due to factors such as a pandemic like the one we are going through now with COVID-19, an employment issue, a family issue, or something else out of their control.

Unfortunately none of these are excuses, and if you don’t pay your rent due to any reason other than the actions of your landlord, the landlord may sue you for an eviction.

The last thing a tenant wants on their record or credit report is an eviction, especially if not paying your rent was a one-time occurrence, and other than that one blemish, you have a perfect rental history. Once you have an eviction on your record, it will be very tough for you to ever rent again, and if you are able to rent it will not be under favorable terms.

In the case you are being evicted, even if you don’t have any defenses, it is still beneficial to hire an attorney. #AltLawPA can get in contact with your landlord, explain the situation, and help negotiate a settlement, thereby avoiding that dreaded Final Judgment of Eviction on your record. Even if the settlement requires you to vacate the property, it is still better than having that eviction on your record, and can save you time and money spent on court appearances, court fees, and the local sheriff’s office involvement and associated fees.

If you are renting in Broward County, Dade County or Palm Beach County and are in danger of being evicted in the near future, let #AltLawPA help. We will represent you and contact your landlord on your behalf. Contact us anytime at so we can ensure you preserve your credit and keep an eviction off your permanent record.

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