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Foreclosure: The Scariest F Word for Homeowners and
How We Can Help at #AltLawPA 


The word “foreclosure” strikes fear in many, especially if you are a homeowner. Being a part of a foreclosure situation is not something any homeowner wants to be involved in in Broward, Palm Beach or Dade County. It is scary, stressful, and it can be embarrassing to talk about. Unfortunately, it is something many of us are becoming more and more familiar with, especially considering the state of our economy during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has now been going on for a full year with no definitive end in sight.

#AltLawPA can help, beginning with educating you. If you are properly educated, you become aware of all your available options, and you know what to expect and when. We will ensure the process is not as scary or awful as you think. If you live in Broward, Palm Beach or Dade County, we will review your mortgage, your financial situation, speak with your lender, and most importantly, devise and execute a plan to assist you in getting you out of the foreclosure situation you have found yourself in. We will help you decide what the best options are and how to mitigate the damage to your credit and your bank account. And it's important to know that you don’t have to wait until you are served with a foreclosure lawsuit to contact our office for assistance. The sooner you acknowledge your situation, the easier it will be to repair and the more options you will have to help return you to good standing with your lender. As always, consultations with #AltLawPA are confidential AND free. Please contact us ASAP if you're located in Broward, Palm Beach or Dade County so we can guide you through this stressful time in your life, effectively resolve your foreclosure matter AND give you much-needed peace of mind.

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