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Contracts: Get What You Want & Be Protected with #AltLawPA


How many times have you forgotten to read the fine print in a contract and later discovered that you weren't protected in some way? Or maybe worse, you signed a contract knowingly figuring that "act of God" will NEVER happen and your event will move forward. And then something like the COVID-19 Pandemic happens. Or, you simply create a contract using a form online and have someone sign it, only later to find out that you neglected to include a crucial part of the financial terms. #AltLawPA knows how to write contracts to ensure your interests are protected and guide you on the best way to resolve any contractual issues. 


How has the Pandemic affected your existing contracts and business relationships? Has COVID-19 made it impossible for you, or the other party to your contract, to do what the contract requires them to do? #AltLawPA can review your contract and current situation and advise you of your options. We can draft contracts to formalize business relationships, review contracts, as well as resolve contract disputes. Contract disputes occur when any party in a contractual agreement breaches (stops doing what they are contractually obligated to do) any part of the contract's terms. All too often, clients try to write contracts and/or fight contract disputes on their own first, wasting a lot of time and money and getting themselves into further stressful situations. It's ALWAYS in your best interests to hire an attorney to write legally binding contracts, review them and to represent you if you have a dispute. As JP Morgan said, "I don’t want a lawyer who tells me what I can’t do. I hire a lawyer to tell me how I can do what I want to do!" Contact #AltLawPA today at so we can help you with any contractual matters and ensure you get what you want AND you are protected. 

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